Conceptual Foundations in Parks, Recreation Tourism & Sport

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PRT 500: Conceptual Foundations in Parks, Recreation Tourism & Sport  – Aram Attarian, PhD

Course Description:  Exploration of the conceptual foundations of leisure, recreation, sport, play, and work, the history of ideas in the field, and the relationships of these ideas to contemporary professional and social problems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the implications of the profession’s historical foundation on contemporary professional and social problems.
  2. Describe the conceptual frameworks associated with leisure, recreation, tourism, and sport.
  3. Describe the theoretical foundations associated with leisure, recreation, tourism, and sport.
  4. Discuss the various contemporary trends and issues in leisure, recreation, tourism, and sport.
  5. Appreciate the importance of leisure and recreation in our lives.
  6. Exhibit good communication and writing skills, and sound methods of thinking and analysis.

Reflections and Summary:

As one of the few people in my cohort with no experience in  Parks,Recreation, or Sports related industries, I was worried that I would be at a disadvantage.After reading the syllabus for PRT 500 I realized that over the next 8 weeks the information and assignments would lay a foundation that would put me on more equal footing with my fellow cohort members.

My major in undergrad was History so I was excited in week one when we were asked to to identify 10 significant events that shaped recreation, tourism,  and sport.  Researching the movements, and institutions that shaped the Parks and Recreation profession gave me an insight into the the theoretical, intellectual,  and conceptual frame works associated with leisure,recreation, tourism, and sport. Throughout the 8 weeks we discussed the need to have a understanding of the role of Parks and Recreation in providing access, increasing physical activity, and creating and fostering sustainable communities. During the course of the semester I got the opportunity to do a book review LastChildinTheWoods by Richard Louv that talked about how children are moving farther away from nature.   Louv discusses the ways in which  children embracing nature is being impeded by private and public government   policies, which discourage children from participating in traditional outdoor play. As a father of three this book caused me to reexamine my role in making sure that nature and outdoor activity is ingrained in lives of my children.

PRT 500 help me to understand how the conceptual frameworks, and theoretical foundations  associated with leisure can help shape strategies that will result in a more active, healthy, and sustainable society. The exercise and active living artifact Exercise in Active Living , required me to research articles related to health and physical activity. The two articles I choose discussed frameworks to reduce inactivity in Urban areas and the role of physical activity in preventing cancer. My final paper dealt with multiple issues addressed in class including access, choice,social inequality, and sustainability and  I finished this class with the goal to become a steward of access and custodian of choice.


Grade 50.00 / 50.00
Graded on Monday, September 29, 2014, 12:48 PM
Graded by Picture of Aram AttarianAram Attarian
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View summaryAmeer,

Excellent choice of articles. You did an exceptional job in reviewing each article by noting the reason for each study, method(s) for collection of data, findings (results) and a well developed summary. You are a good writer! Keep up the good work!  I did not attach your paper, since I did not make any comments or edits.