Strategic Marketing Management in Parks, Recreation Tourism & Sport


Strategic Marketing Management

PRT 507: Strategic Marketing Management in Parks, Recreation Tourism & Sport  Jonathan Casper, PhD

Course Description:
This course examines the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of marketing and promotion strategies for recreation, participant sport, and spectator sport. Covers key marketing concepts (research)  and strategies (actions) using case studies. There is significant discussion on marketing activation and leveraging strategies and developing a marketing plan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define and apply key sport/rec. marketing concepts
  2. Understand the theories that underline sport/rec. marketing processes
  3. Understand how to create and apply a sport/rec. marketing plan
  4. Evaluate sport/rec. marketing strategies and tactics
  5. Identify future trends and challenges in marketing and how they can associate with current
  6. Sport/rec. marketing practices

Reflections and Summary of my work toward developing these competencies:

Week 1 included an introduction to the marketing environmental framework. This framework was interesting to me because it included elements outside of the normal product,price,promotion, and place. Social, cultural, economic, and political factors are essential factors in the strategic marketing mix. Within the first two weeks of starting PRT 507 I had a good grasp of key marketing concepts (research), and strategies (actions). During week one we read  an article dealing with role of marketing in leisure studies and services.  The article got me to thinking about the integration of marketing principles and practices in the leisure services industry. In week three and six  we were given a quiz  based on the lectures and reading material. As I completed the reading and watched the lectures I begin to look at Parks and Recreation as a product, that needed promoting to create brand awareness, and to stimulate increased unique_selling_pointsales/participation/visitation. This class gave me an expanded perspective on how to market PRTM organizations and the need to accentuate your organizations strengths and uniqueness.

As I begin to complete case studies, class exercises, and participate in weekly forums, I begin to see Marketing as more of the way to provide services to as many people in our communities as feasibly possible.Strategic  Marketing gives organizations visibility and legitimacy.   Case Study 1 & 2 Case Study 1Case Study 2 included key elements of marketing such as segmentation, consumer behavior, pricing, promotions,distribution, and competition.

The major project for this course was the creation of a marketing plan for the North Carolina Central University Basketball Camp. The marketing plan allowed me to demonstrate my understanding of the concepts and theories I learned over the duration of the course. The research and analysis required in PRT 507 helped me to become a better writer  and enhanced my ability to analyze and comprehend information.