Advanced Fiscal Management


Primary Artifact Caption: Title:Company analysis Assignment (1). Author: Ameer K. Edwards, December 8,2014. Importance: This artifact required me to develop a written summary of my current organization to assess its financial efficiency and sustainability. I was not currently employed at a PRTM organization so I chose Durham Parks and Recreation , because I live in Durham and have had the opportunity to talk with numerous people within the organization. The summary covered Durham Parks and Recreation’s financial operations for the previous three years.This artifact prepared me to implement strategies to maintain a financially healthy organization. 


Reflections on this primary artifact: As the final assignment for PRT 503, I was tasked with applying course content and competencies and assessing the financial efficiency and sustainability of Durham Parks and Recreation. Not being a current employee of Durham Parks and Recreation required me to contact representatives of Durham Parks and Recreation to obtain 3 years worth of financial data. This was an arduous task , but I think the process of having to communicate with numerous entities and follow up consistently will help me in the future when trying to obtain information from outside the organization I am working for. PRT 503 required the use of Microsoft Excel in order to analyze financial data including revenue and expenditures, assets and liabilities, balance sheets, ratio’s and income statements. This assignment served as a crash course in using Microsoft Excel to gather and analyze data.  Over time I became more comfortable with Microsoft Excel and was able to use some of what I learned at my current employer. This class along with others in the program make me comfortable in telling future employers that have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.  The paper helped me to have a greater understanding of capital budgets and operating budgets and what each means when assessing the financial sustainability of an organization. My biggest take away from this artifact,  was that it gave me an example of what a healthy financially sustainable organization looks like. I believe that I can apply some of the financial practices used by Durham Parks and Recreation to organizations I work for and with in the future.