Conceptual Foundations

Conceptual Foundations in Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport-PRT 500

Primary Artifact Caption: Title: Parks and Recreation Funding 3 , Author Ameer K. Edwards, October 11,2014. Importance:  A big theme of PRT 500 was providing access to communities that have traditionally been under served. Parks and recreation professionals are responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating, and supervising recreation programs.   In addition to these duties parks, recreation, tourism, and sports administrators must procure funding for various programs, projects, and activities in order to maintain growth and sustainability within their field.  Acquiring funding is a top priority for local, state, and National Parks across the United States. Surveys of parks and recreation administrators indicate the availability of funding as the number one stimulus for growth and sustainability.


The premise for this artifact was that,  funding strategies are needed to maintain the viability of the Parks and Recreation profession.Prior to the early 20th century organized  leisure and recreation activities were mostly available to those in the upper class. There is a parks and recreation funding gap between more affluent communities and communities of color and low income neighborhoods. Stewards of Access and Custodians of Choice was used throughout the class as an example of a  philosophical foundation for Parks and Recreation professionals. In this book  the authors talked about the limited amount of resources for an infinite amount of people. In order not to regressed to the 19th century when leisure activities where the providence of the rich, funding sources must be tapped into and used in such a way to insure the sustainability of Parks and Recreation organizations. This artifact included many course related objectives including historical foundations for Parks and Recreation, social problems related to underfunded organizations, contemporary trends and issues within leisure, and the importance of leisure and recreation within the lives of the communities we serve.

I have aspirations to work with kids in urban areas to facilitate a decrease in childhood obesity as well as encouraging physical activity and healthy living in low income and under served communities. In order for these aspirations to become realities it is necessary that the resources and funding be available in low income areas, where privately funded recreation and leisure activities are not as readily available.

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