GIS and Spatial Analysis


Primary Artifact Caption: Title: GIS Assignment 5, Author: Ameer Edwards. Date: April 28th,2015. Importance:

Assignment 5 was my favorite assignment of all that I have completed in my 2 years in the program. I was given the role of a consultant tasked to identify the best location for a new Tourism Information Center (TIC). I located my TIC near the Dean Dome close to numerous other attractions. The assignment gave me a number of skills that may prove useful in my future endeavors. Overall PRT 505 help me to understand the relevance and importance spatial reasoning, and spatial analysis as well as introducing me to GIS and Google Earth and their uses as tools for research and evaluation.


This artifact was challenging but fun at the same time. I immersed myself in the role as a consultant and looked at over 20 locations in order to find 6 that fit the criteria provided for me in the assignment directions. I was able to use the collector application on my phone to select the type of attractions (sport,natural, other, cultural). After selecting the type of attraction I was able to tap into my inner photographer and  use my phone to take pictures of the sites. I got so immersed in the process at points I forgot I was doing this for an assignment . The Geo processing application allowed me to calculate the driving distance between any two sites, and make a table to list the driving distance for any two sites. I created buffers, and ran analysis and became more familiar with Arc GIS functions and applications. At the beginning of the class I wondered if I would make it through, but the long hours of practicing,and  asking questions helped me to effectively communicate spatial analysis results and  collect and integrate spatial data from various data sources in an effective and logical way. I gained the ability to use spatial reasoning and developed basic skills of handling, evaluating and analyzing spatial data in common geographic information systems (GIS) platforms. I can not claim to be an expert or even totally proficient in GIS application, but I can say I have the foundation to work with and contribute to projects involving those whose job is related to GIS within the organization I am working for.


Name Attraction Condition Parking Notes
Dean E. Smith Center Sport Excellent Yes Home of UNC Men’s Basketball, Concert, and event venue
Downtown Chapel Hill (Franklin Street) Cultural Good Yes Restaurants, Museums, Shopping.
Finley Golf Course Sport Excellent Yes 18 hole Golf Course
North Carolina Botanical Garden Natural Good Yes Conservation Garden
Merritt Country Store Cultural/Other Good Yes Home of Best BLT in the State
Morehead Planetarium Cultural Good Yes On Street Parking



AVG Distance Relative Road Density Green LC Total Population
Dean E. Smith Center 1.6 miles 170.51 51.62 33,765
Downtown Chapel Hill (Franklin Street) 2.16 miles 158.40 48.02 44,405
Finley Golf Course 2.44 miles 158.81 50.38 19,340
North Carolina Botanical Garden 2.16 miles 159.14 50.43 27,020
Merritt Country Store 1.9 miles 185.39 54.1 37,131
Morehead Planetarium 2.97 miles 163.04 47.4 40,247