Organ. Behavior and Leadership

Primary Artifact Caption: Title:Town of Cary Parks, Recreation Cultural Resources Organizational Analysis (1) Author: Ameer K. Edwards, October 12, 2015. Importance: This artifact was an opportunity to apply all of the concepts, principles, and theories we discussed over the course of the semester. In looking at Cary Parks and Recreation I examined numerous organizational characteristics including organizational leadership, strategic planning, organizational environment, organizational structure, human resource processes, culture and politics, measures of organizational effectiveness, and approaches to organizational change. In analyzing these characteristics I was able to identify problems, propose solutions and think about challenges and opportunities that exist for future growth and improvement.


town of cary

This artifact gave me the opportunity to reach out to the Town of Cary Parks and Recreation and gain an understanding of their organizational structure. One of my concerns when putting together this artifact was my ability to get relevant information regarding how Cary parks and recreation operates on a daily basis. When I contacted Doug McRainey  the director of Cary Parks and Recreation I had no expectation he would be so helpful in my efforts to get information regarding organizational operations of his organization. After corresponding with numerous supervisors and coordinators within the organization I was extremely impressed with the transparency  with which they operated. I believe that transparency is as important as planning, resource acquisition, positioning, and organizational leadership. Parks and Recreation organizations are unique in that they must answer to the people. The Town of Cary organization understands the importance of the decisions they make regarding  their organization. As I was completing my organizational analysis a Debbie Yow quote popped into my head, “everything that we chose to do will either diminish us or improve us.” As I move forward in my career this will be something I will always think about when making decisions.




Graded on Saturday, October 24, 2015, 10:10 AM
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I enjoyed reading this paper Ameer as your intimate knowledge (and passion) of Cary came through. You’ve had an outstanding semester and I have truly enjoyed your input throughout this semester. Thank you for making it such an enjoyable class to teach.