Risk Management

Primary Artifact Caption: Title: Risk Management Plan review Greenville CountyRec. Author: Ameer K. Edwards, June 20,2015. Importance:

This Risk Management Plan required me to analyze Greenville County Parks and Recreation in the context of basic functions such as governance, human resource management, and organizational operations. In order to do a comprehensive evaluation I had to apply the applications of policies and practices I learned over the course of the semester. This assignment gave me the opportunities to take close look at a Parks and Recreation agency and give an overview of the current risk management plan, description of areas where the current plan may be deficient, specific recommendations for improving the risk management plan, and a plan for implementing my proposed changes.  A good risk management plan provides the basis for basic management functions such as governance, human resource management, and organizational operations.

Reflections on this Artifact:

As a father of three active children and grandfather of 1 year grandson, their safety is of paramount importance to me. The artifact allowed me to see the measures organizations take in order to keep there facilities safe. This artifact as well as the reading and lectures gave me an entirely different view of the complexities of risk management. Decreasing liability and preventing injuries to visitors and program participants is only a small part of risk management.  Risk management involves protection of the Department against financial consequences of accidental losses, the preservation of Department assets and public service capabilities from loss, destruction and depletion, the minimization of long term cost to the department of all activities related to identification, prevention and control of accidental losses and their consequences. In short risk management is the number one factor in organizational sustainability.  greenville







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Graded on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 2:08 PM
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Excellent Ameer.  A very thorough and comprehensive review.